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International School Haarlem

“Passionate about learning”

Our vision
Through interactive and meaningful learning our students will graduate as effective and responsible world citizens.

Our mission
Our school offers a positive learning environment where students (4-18 years) and teachers are encouraged to realize their full potential within a multicultural and international framework.

Through internationally respected and recognised programmes we involve our students in meaningful learning. This means we focus not only on the academic development, but also on learning the skills to become an active and engaged global citizen. Students will learn to view the world around them with empathy and responsibility.

At the International School Haarlem
Students enjoy a challenging and diverse programme which encourages the necessary skills for independent and personalised study.

teachers work as a team to create a dynamic and vigorous learning environment.
parents are encouraged to play an informed and involved role in their child’s education.
we have a responsibility to society, both locally and globally and therefore, educate our students to become responsible, open-minded and effective world citizens. We actively seek cooperation with local partners and want to contribute to the international character of the Haarlem area.

More about the International School Haarlem
The International School Haarlem is a member of the Dutch International Schools. These schools receive government funding and therefore operate within the framework of the Dutch educational system. They differ in this way from private international and foreign education facilities.

The Dutch International Schools possess several distinguishing qualities in comparison with these other institutions, such as an active international character.

At Dutch International Schools, we want to prepare all children for success in tertiary education and life beyond in the world. Therefore, these schools offer education of a high quality, that complies with international standards as well as the demands of the Dutch school inspection.

The Dutch International Schools use English to teach their international curricula and are affiliated with regular Dutch schools. The class sizes will be around 20 students per group.

Even though the government subsidy does not cover all costs, The Dutch International Schools can charge relatively low school fees in comparison with private international and foreign educational facilities.

All Dutch International Schools have the willingness and expertise to cope with students with a wide variety of cultures and native languages. Understanding and respect are important key aspects.

The schools work with an international teaching staff
The class teachers at the International School Haarlem will all be English native speakers. They come from different countries in the world.

There is a dynamic admissions system; students may come and go during the entire school year.

The location
The new Haarlem International School opened its doors in September 2017. The school offers an international curriculum to specific groups of students. The school is located at Schreveliusstraat 27, 2014 XP in Haarlem.

The traditional school building has been used for educational purposes in the last century. The history of the building goes back to 1915.

We share one building with the ECL (Eerste Christelijke Lyceum), but we are two separate organisations and use separate entrances and recreation areas / playgrounds.

Looking for more information?

Please visit our website or contact us to make an appointment.

Mirjam Fuldner
Head Primary Department



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